Al Fike
Based in Richardson, TX

Al Fike is a drone pilot, certified and licensed with the FAA.  He loves aerial photography and videography.  


His passion is to make YOU & your organization look great by creating a strong first impression.  One way he does this is by providing high quality aerial photos and videos for your website and/or social media pages. Aerial photos and videos accelerate the "first impression" process.


Whether it's for your business, weddings, anniversaries, sports, senior athlete profiles, real estate, new construction time lapse, or just about any kind of event or project you can think of, Al can help you!

If you're a real estate agent, it's been proven over and over that aerial photos & videos help you sell more houses, and quicker!  You'll being adding the "first class" touch to your business!


Call Al and let him help you create a powerful first impression for your target audience.  "I'm here to serve you and help you serve your clients in the most effective way."-Al  


Thank you for giving Al the opportunity to make you stand out!


Call today: 214.766.0969

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